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AVAYA Communication Systems

IP/ VOIP/ Digital Communications Systems

A Communications solution is an integral part of any business, as your business evolves around your communications solution it is important to find the best communications solution that suits the operation of your business, which is why Liaise Communications builds your Communications solution around the setup of your business and build it to suit and provide all the needs that your company requires to run smoothly and successfully. 

Avaya Communication Systems 

The Avaya Communication Systems is a truly Dynamic Range of Digital/IP Communications Solutions which gives you all the capabilities to do anything that any size company needs to, including:  voice, VOIP/IP, data, fax and video all over your combined existing network allowing you to integrate it into your everyday computer services to receive and make voice calls, and utilising various computer applications helping you to run and fine tune your business all the time. 

Avaya IP 500 Communication Systems

The Avaya IP 500 Communication Systems solutions range boasts all the great features while also providing a higher level of integrated network capabilities like browsing the web, utilising various other web service utilities, transmit and receive data over networks all while still providing all the usual phone functionalities and more.


The Avaya IP 500 Communications range also boasts many new and great helpful features, one being useful applications on all levels providing easy to read tables of phone call logs and reports.  Also the The Avaya IP 500 Communication has the ability to integrate digital IP wireless networks with wireless handsets and wireless PC connect ability. Brochure

The Avaya Voicemail Integrated Systems

The Avaya Integraded voicemail range deliver a wide range of universal voicemail functionality, with external retrieval of personal messages with a passcode.  Day and night message services and the ability to give everyone within your company personal voicemail minimising the workload for reception.

Avaya Range Of System Handsets

Avaya have designed a large range of digital/IP handsets to be used with all their systems.  The entire Avaya range and  models have all been designed to suit every type of businesses day to  day handset requirements.


Some of the features include ergonomic design to prevent discomfort, easy to use menus and function key layouts with all the useful features kindly added into conveniently accessible positions.


And there are several types and sizes to choose from to ensure that you can get exactly what you are looking for in your desktop handset to suit your personal requirements all with the great Avaya features built into every type.