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Plantronics CS60 USB
Sennheiser BW900
Plantronics CS60 Wireless headset
Plantronics CS60 Earpiece Wireless Headset

System Accessories

Liaise Communications also has a large range of additional accessories to compliment the Digital Communications range including headsets, both corded and wireless or Bluetooth.
Liaise Communications can also help with group conference meetings with our range of great Conference phones designed to suit all your conferencing needs.
GN Cordless Earpiece Headset
GN Cordless Over The Head Headset
Over The Head Headset


System Headsets
Liaise Communications also has a large range of headsets available that are designed to suit any business situation from the receptionist needing to multitask to a call centre user needing a handsfree solution.
The wireless and Bluetooth range provide mobility from your desk phone while still answering calls in an office environment, providing mobile range of up 10 metres away from the receiving desk handset minimising the risk of neck and back discomfort all while improving time productivity for users.
Conference Phone
Conference Phones
Large Conference Phone
System Conference Phones
Forthose who have group telephone meetings, Liaise Communications canprovide suitable conference phones with all the features required inany conference situation to help make the meeting more effective in alarge room.
Depending on the scale of yourconference calls we can solve your group discussion hearing issues froma standard two or three group conversation right up to double figureconversations with multiple speakers and microphones all running fromthe easy to use main unit.